Where Secrets Are Placed

by Virginia M. Mohlere

I am the girl
who found the bones
in the snow
next to the blue, cracked pieces of shell.

I am the girl
who cupped those bones
in red mittens
next to the nest at the base of the pine.

fragile as thought.

as quiet
as the snow they laid on.

You can place your secrets
into the hollow spaces
(honeycomb caves)
of a fetal bird's tibia.

Then your secrets live
inside the death of flight.


Virginia M. Mohlere was born on one solstice, and her sister was born on the other. She writes from the Gulf Coast at a desk that will never be tidy and will not be allowed to buy any new ink for approximately 90 years. Her work has been seen in Cabinet des Fées, Jabberwocky, Lakeside Circus, Goblin Fruit, Strange Horizons, and Mythic Delirium.

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